Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 10/2/2012

That was one heck of a celebration last night.  Elian Herrera get a walk-off hit, and the Dodgers just about strip him naked.  pic above from the Dodgers on twitter.  The pic below (also from twitter) is of his team destroyed jersey.

  • Check out Jon Weisman at LA Magazine's CityThink blog "Dodger Thoughts: One Day More."
  • Sons of Steve Garvey shares some great aerial views of Dodger Stadium.
  • Who better to put together a list of the 100 top Dodgers cards than Night Owl Cards.  Check out card #100 to #91.
  • Night Owl Cards also took a look at the checklist for the Topps Update set that will be released on Wednesday and makes note that there are 14 Dodger cards listed.  As I noted previously, AJ Ellis finally gets his own card.  Yeah!!  I'll pics of every Dodger card in the set later on this week.
  • Here's a great article in Reuters about LA billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong and his desire to buy AEG and the LA area teams owned by them (Kings, Galaxy and part of Lakers) so as to promote healthy living.
  • Take a look at the recently engraved Stanley Cup, via Kings News Daily on twitter.  I've got a date with her on Wednesday, and I'll be sure to share some photos.
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