Wednesday, November 07, 2012

@Collect Auctions: A Vintage Dodgers Doll

This next item featured in this post is from an auction that closed almost two months ago.  For whatever reason, I just failed to write about it.

Check out this vintage Dodgers doll.

As a side note, I am certain I have one of these hidden away in a box somewhere.  Unfortunately, I'm not too eager to find it.  When I purchased my doll through eBay it mentioned that there was a bit of a "musky" smell to it.  Thinking it can't be that bad, I made a bid and won it for what I thought was a song and a dance- I don't exactly recall that price today.  When it arrived it was in great condition, but had an odor that would keep away the dead.  Today, it sits in a box, tied up in a bag, awaiting for me to figure out what to do with it.
(Auction Link)

The auction description speculates that this may be an early Brooklyn stadium giveaway, but I don't think so.  Let me know if I'm wrong, but I don't believe they had significant stadium giveaways back then- pins, at the most.  Instead, I think it's likely that it was sold by vendors just outside of the stadium. 

On top of that, this particular doll has been signed by a prominent Hall of Famer.
(Auction Link)

Notice the leg?  Stan "The Man" Musial has signed it, and a notation was made about his 300th home run on 6/3/1955.  The Brooklyn Dodgers drilled the Cardinals 12 to 5 that afternoon.
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