Friday, November 09, 2012

Collection: 1972 Topps US Presidents Posters

Following up on my post from yesterday featuring my vintage 1956 Topps US Presidents card set, I bring to you another US Presidents themed set from 1972.

Featured here are US Presidents Campaign posters that were inserted within packs of 1972 US Presidents cards.  The card set (which I'll feature this weekend) looks exactly like the 1956 set I showed yesterday; with a couple of exceptions.  First, they are a little smaller and are of the same size of modern sports cards.  Two, they include new portrait paintings of the Presidents elected after 1956, and cards of the Democratic candidates expected to face off against Richard Nixon.  Anyway, you'll see those card shortly.

In this post are the mini posters featuring 15 notable Presidents.  These posters are blank backed and measure approximately 5"x7".

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