Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hunt Auctions: Vintage Brooklyn Scorecards

Following up on my post from yesterday focused on a couple of Willard Mullin drawings for sale in Hunt's recent auctions, I bring to you some fantastic vintage scorecards from the Dodgers days in Brooklyn that were also for sale at Hunt's.  Heck, these scorecards are from the days before they were known as the Dodgers.

Below is a scorecard from 1900.  At this time the Dodger were commonly nicknamed the Superbas, and the reason couldn't be more strange.  As the story goes, future Hall of Famer Ned Hanlon joined the club in 1899 as its manager, and at that same time there was a popular vaudeville act named Hanlon's Superbas.  Of course, the manager and the stage show were of no relation, but that didn't matter to the press and fans alike.  The name stuck, and as long as Hanlon was the skipper of the Brooklyn team they would be called the Superbas.

The scorecard is for a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Brooklyn's former home called Washington Park, and it displays a ornate cover with all kinds of flowers and leaves.  It has been scored for a game played on September 6th with additional notation on front relaying the score as "Pittsburgh 9, Brooklyn 2."  It sold for an astounding $822.00.
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Here is another Superbas scorecard, but this time it's from 1905.  Charles Ebbets photo is on the cover, and it includes pre-printed lineups for a game against the hated New York Giants.  BTW, 1905 is the year Ebbets took controlling interest over the team.  This scorecard sold at $200.00.
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The next two scorecards are from 1904, and feature an actual player on the cover.  Jack Doyle played in Brooklyn for only 2 season at the tail end of his career.  He started off great by batting .313 with a .770 OPS, but would soon be sold early the next year to the Phillies after a horrible start.  This scorecard sold for $550.00.
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This 1904 scorecard features Superbas manager Ned Hanlon on the cover.  It sold for $350.00.
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