Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Collection: Matt Kemp Rookie Autographed Baseball Card

I just love this card. You can just see the promise and youthful exuberance emanating from it.  Matt Kemp was just a kid, and he was far removed from the super-stardom that would shortly surround him.  But you knew it was coming.  At least, I like to think I had a crystal ball back them that allowed me to buy this on eBay for a price that would be a steal today.  If I remember correctly, I paid no more than $20 delivered for it.  My only regret is not picking up a big stack of these cards to hold on to for a rainy day.

Featured here is a 2005 Bowman Chrome autographed rookie card of Matt Kemp.

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  1. DAMN, 20 bucks is amazing. This is probably the number one card on my Needs List. Pissed I didn't scoop one up in 2010 haha.

    1. What was amazing about this cards value was how fast in sprung up in value. By 2006 at the National Convention in Anaheim I saw a dealer with a giant stack of them for $50 (or was it $60). Anyway, the word had gotten out that he would be a superstar. I felt lucky to have gotten it so early.


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