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Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 12/14/2012 - Dodgers and Dick Clark Productions Sittin' in a Tree?


Holy mackerel! This is an impressive looking set from Panini.  They are set to release their 2012 Golden Age Baseball set soon, and recently provided some preview pics for collectors to enjoy.  There are over 100 different ones, so go over there to take look.  This is part Baseball and Americana, with a little bit of world history thrown in.  Above is a Jackie Robinson base card, and below is an insert mini-pennant of Jackie (these are reminiscent of the 1916 Ferguson Bakery Pennants designated as BF2's in the ACC).
  • This is quite a scoop.  Mike Ozanian at Forbes reports that the Dodgers are speaking with Dick Clark Productions about possibly forming a regional sports network (RSN).  Keep in mind that Guggenheim Partners owns Dick Clark Productions, and as Mike reported yesterday the MLB's revenue sharing tax may be hampering any possible television deal with Fox.
RSNs have the advantage of getting revenue from two sources–carrier fees and advertising–and some in big markets that televise great sports brands, like the New York Yankees and the YES Network and the Boston Red Sox and the New England Sports Network, have become extremely valuable. Another advantage of teams that have equity stakes in RSNs: the revenue generated by the potential RSN that is not paid to the team would not be subject to revenue-sharing.
Maybe the new owners really know what they're doing, and those who haven't been let in on their plan (read: everyone) can't see their genius. But there are certainly a lot of nervous people in the industry wondering where this is all leading. They wonder if it's possible they somehow miscalculated what the Dodgers would net from a TV deal and wondering if this is similar to the overly leveraged Frank McCourt that led to the mess that the new owners inherited. 
NHC will be held on Feb. 9 in Canada and Feb. 16 in United States, Upper Deck announced Thursday.
  • Panini provides a little preview of their 2013 Triple Play Baseball set that will be coming out in March 2013.
  • I found this utterly fascinating.  Murray Chass, who has covered Donald Fehr for years as a Baseball reporter, adds his two cents on the current NHL lockout.
“It’s 1930s stuff,” said a veteran union man whom I asked about the league’s tactics. The man I wanted talk to I couldn’t because Marvin Miller died a couple of weeks ago. I can hear him laughing derisively, though, upon hearing what I had heard.

Miller heard the same things from the baseball owners in his first couple of negotiations with them. By the time the union had won those negotiations, the owners knew who Miller was and what they faced in future talks.

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