Thursday, January 17, 2013

13 Days from the Release of 2013 Topps Baseball Cards - A Matt Kemp Preview

I am counting down the days.

The best thing about every new year is the knowledge that the Baseball card season will soon begin.  In 13 days I can go down to my local store and pick up a couple of packs to relive those memories of childhood.  Sure, the smell of Topps gum is no more, and packs no longer have that clear wax substance keeping it tightly sealed.  Still, the same joy exist.  I've already got a Dodgers team set (with inserts) coming to me, but make no mistake I'll be opening a few packs just for the giggles.

In anticipation of the 2013 season, Topps unveiled a bunch of preview pics on twitter; including Matt Kemp's base card.  See it below, and go here to Topps twitter page for more previews.
(pic link)

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  1. Nice looking design this year from Topps. Great photo of Kemp also.

    1. I like the design too. It's simple and not too busy. Heck, I love that the design is Baseball specific. Reminds me of the early Upper Deck sets that traced out the infield bases.

  2. the jon jay card looks pretty cool. if only the dodgers would go back to the murals on their outfield wall...

    1. Why would they do that? They gotta put advertising and splashy video screens on the walls to help them pay for the team...

      Yeah, that Jon Jay card of him crashing into the wall is great. I'm really impressed with the photo selection so far.

      With regards to the old murals, I wonder if anyone has photos of them (I have a pic of the Lasorda one). I think it would be great to see them again; especially since it's doubtful they will ever come back now.


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