Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Topps Baseball Cards - Short Printed Dodgers

With Topps first 2013 Baseball card set now out, I thought I would start the pic parade of Dodger cards with a couple of short prints.  Overall, there are 17 Dodger base cards (I'll have pics of them all by next week), and two of them have short printed versions randomly inserted within packs.  Of course, they feature a couple of our biggest stars.

The short prints follow a theme called "Out of Bounds," and as the name implies it shows players making great defensive attempts outside the field of play.  It is unknown, at this time, exactly how many have been printed, so they could be extremely rare.  Only 25 players in the entire base set have a short printed version.  The Dodgers are represented by Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp.  See both the normal and short printed cards for each player below.  The normal base card is on the left and the short printed card is on the right.

BTW, there is also an short printed autographed Andre Ethier base card, but examples have not yet appeared.

16 Andre Ethier

242 Matt Kemp

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