Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Topps Baseball Cards - Some Dodger Relics, Part 1

The pic parade of Dodger cards within the 2013 Topps Series 1 Baseball set has now officially begun.  First up, I thought I would focus on some of the more quirky manufactured relics available.  If I'm not mistaken the set of cards below are only available in jumbo hobby packs or retail blasters.

This first group of cards are called CY Young Award Winners Manufactured Relic Cards and they can be found in jumbo hobby packs.  They feature plastic CY Young Awards embedded within a very thick card.  Both Clayton Kershaw and Sandy Koufax are represented in the insert set.

CY-CK Clayton Kershaw

CY-SK Sandy Koufax

Also found only in jumbo hobby packs, below are MVP Awards Winners Manufactured Relic Cards of Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax.

MVP-JR Jackie Robinson

MVP-SK Sandy Koufax

Matt Kemp is the lone Dodgers in the Silver Slugger Trophy Manufactured Relic Cards.  Again, this card is found only in jumbo hobby packs. 

SS-MK Matt Kemp

The next set of 4 Dodger cards are called Proven Mettle Coin.  They are found in hobby boxes only (I'm unsure if they are only in jumbo packs or can be found in regular packs), and come with 3 different variations for each player represented.  There is a Copper version (numbered to 99), a Wrought Iron version (numbered to 50), and a Steel version (numbered to only 10 copies).  An example of each one is shown below.

PMC-CK Clayton Kershaw
Steel Version - /#10 

PMC-JR Jackie Robinson 
Copper Version - /#99

PMC-MK Matt Kemp
Copper Version - /#99 

PMC-SK Sandy Koufax
Wrought Iron Version - /#50

This Commemorative Patch Manufactured Relic Card can only be found in retail blaster boxes found at your local Target or Walmart.  Each blaster box contains a special foil pack that includes 1 of 25 cards available.  Adrian Gonzalez is the only Dodger in this set.

CP-10 Adrian Gonzalez

Also found only in retail blaster boxes, shown below is a Rookie Patch Manufactured Relic Card of Sandy Koufax.  It includes a patch of Sandy's 1955 Topps rookie card.

RCP-4 Sandy Koufax

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