Friday, January 25, 2013

Some Reader Submitted Photos from 'A Night of Entertainment with Don Mattingly'

Sometimes, I really love you folks.  Yeah, you!  The reader!

When I started this blog in 2006 I didn't have very high expectations.  I figured that since I had the energy it would be fun to put this little website together.  Little did I know that it would become a passion that made me smile a little wider and my day a little brighter.  And, it's awesome to think there are some of you who feel the same way.  I know I'm far from challenging the heavyweights of the Dodger-blogosphere, but I really don't care.  After all, I really enjoy doing this.  Even better, though is when I get an email from you (the reader) passing along some personal pics about the Dodgers that I can share here.

This afternoon a reader named Cathy was kind enough to share a bunch of photos from the Don Mattingly event last night.  It was held at the Sports Museum of Los Angeles and included many special guest; including a plethora of Dodger players.  If you have never been to this museum, I suggest finding a way to go.  From my understanding, it is now closed to the public, but open for special events and private showings.  Anyway, check out some of Cathy's pics here.  Thank you for allowing me to share them.  Click on any pic to embiggen.

On the bottom left is Kenley Jansen with Tommy Lasorda, and on the Right is Councilman Tom LaBonge presenting a Certificate of Recognition to Don Mattingly.

Dodgers historian Mark Langill and Gary Cypres (owner of the museum) are on the bottom left.  Andre Ethier in a spiffy outfit and someone (Brody Stevens) from the Chelsea Lately show is on the right.  Dodgers photographer Jon SooHoo has a bunch of photos available for viewing here.

Now, here is the really cool stuff.  The Sports Museum of Los Angeles is an incredible place.  I had a chance to visit it when it first opened and still open to the public.  Unfortunately, taking photographs was prohibited at the time, so I couldn't really share the experience here.  After all, if there are no pictures then it didn't happen, right?

Anyway, there is more stuff there than I can ever describe.  Every sport is represented, with the Dodgers being a key focus.  Below are some Brooklyn Dodger relics.  A Brooklyn Dodgers Sym-Phony bass drum is on the left, and a real Babe Ruth Dodgers jersey is on the right.  Again, click any pic to embiggen.

Here are some more Babe Ruth items.

In December, I posted up a story about the awards of Don Newcombe coming up for sale in an auction.  Well, I guess we now know who bought them.  Check them out below.

Below is an Ebbets Field dedication invitation.

On the left is the deed to Ebbets Field and on the right is a ball from the very first game at Ebbets Field.  Wow!

Next to Dodger Stadium, this place is heaven on earth.

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  1. The guy with Ethier is Brody Stevens, former professional baseball player, turned comedian.

    Huge Dodger fan.

  2. Any idea when that segment will air on Chelsea Lately?


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