Saturday, January 26, 2013

ITPC: A Dodgers Crying Towel and Hodges Editorial Cartoon

I thought I would briefly mention this auction lot of some Brooklyn Dodgers memorabilia from 'Inside The Park Collectibles'.  It recently closed up and this particular lot didn't sell, but I thought it had some fascinating things in it. 

First there were 10 unused sheets of Brooklyn Dodgers Minor League System letterhead, and an address book from a bowling alley that was located across the street from Ebbets Field.  The bowling alley was owned by former Dodger Freddie Fitzsimmons.  There was also something else available that made me laugh a bit.  Included was a paper sheet with the words 'Dodgers Crying Towel'.  I guess this was a joke item that made fun of the fact that the Brooklyn team always seemed to be on the losing end of a championship series.  Finally, there was an original cartoon drawing from the NY News newspaper.  It is a 'Day In Sports' editorial drawing featuring Dodger Gil Hodges that ran in print on March 25,1971.  The drawing highlights a May 14, 1949 game where Hodges hit a big salami.
Gil Hodges, playing with the Brooklyn Dodgers, poled his first grand slam home run when he connected against Bill Voiselle of the Braves at Boston.  Gil went on to set the NL mark with 14.
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