Thursday, May 02, 2013

Pay Homage to a Pioneer! REA has a couple of Harry Wright Cards on Auction

Following up on last weeks post featuring Dodgers memorabilia in REA's current auction, I've decided to focus my next post on a handful of 19th Century cards featuring an important Baseball player who we all should call "PaPa".

Harry Wright is the father of professional Base Ball.  He put together, managed and played for Baseball's very first professional ball team - the Cincinnati Red Stockings.  Wright also was the first person to actually pay someone to play the game.  In fact, the below card is a byproduct of that.  It is recognized within the hobby as one of the earliest known cards to ever exist- if not the first.  It was produced in 1863 and was a promotion card that was sold in order to provide admittance into the Grand Match At Hoboken Benefit.  This was a game between the New York Knickerbockers and the Brooklyn Excelsiors, and is the only example of this card known to exist.
(Auction Link)

Here is another 1863 Grand Match At Hoboken Benefit card, but this time it features Harry Wright and his father Sam Wright, Sr.  Sam was a noted cricket player in his day.  Furthermore, this is also the only example of this card known to exist, and is brand new discovery to the sports memorabilia hobby. 
(Auction Link)

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