Monday, September 09, 2013

Mailbag: a W603 Sports Exchange Baseball Card of Bruce "Bull" Edwards

There's something great about the oddball vintage Baseball cards that I love to chase.  They are unusual and scarce, but can often be found for a song and a dance.

Case in point, I recently won the above card of Brooklyn Dodgers Bruce "Bull" Edwards for $3.00.  It is a 1946-1949 Sports Exchange All-Star Picture File card.

This card was produced and sold by one of the hobby's very first publications, The Trading Post.   Over a 4 year period they sold 12 different series of 9 to 12 cards through their magazine at $0.50 per series.  They measure 7" x 11", are blank-backed and have been given an ACC card designation of W603.  These cards are one of the first Baseball card sets produced after WWII.

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