Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Striking Out on eBay - I Really Wanted this Puig Collectible


There are those times when I place a bid on something, at a steal of a price, hoping that I come out the winner.  If I win... great!  I got a good deal on something I'll enjoy having in my collection.   If I lose, then it's no skin off my back.  I didn't want it that badly, and it's sure to come up for sale again in the future.

Well, this eBay auction does not fit that scenario.

This scarce Yasiel Puig collectible may never see the light of day again, and I'm kicking myself in the rear end for not making a greater effort to win it. 

As you may know, Beckett has set up shop on eBay selling various items; such as graded magazines and their magazine printing plates.  Well, their September 2013 Beckett Baseball issue printing plates featuring Yasiel Puig came up for sale last week, and I jumped at the opportunity to own it.  See the auction here.

The sale consisted of all 4 color printing plates, and I was thinking it would look phenomenal framed and matted all together on my wall.  These plates have a strange, almost ghostly, kind of look to them.  The pastel tints of these printing plates, if framed right, might even have the feel of a modern art piece - a Warhol kind of collage.

Anyway, I was aggressive in my initial bidding, but was soon over-matched. I peaked at $85.  The Puig printing plates eventually sold at $128, and looked like it could have gone higher if someone else was willing to play war with the high bidder.

A part me wants to believe I could have, should have, gone bid for bid for it.  But, who am I kidding?  Based on the bidding history, it looks like the winner put in a huge number that I may not have been able to match - too afraid to try to match.

Oh well... Hopefully, there'll be other cool items for me to track down.

See the auction here.

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