Tuesday, January 07, 2014

2013 Select Baseball - the Dodgers Insert Cards

Following up on yesterdays post, here are the various Dodgers' insert cards available in Panini's Select Baseball set.  Go here to see the the Dodger base cards.

En Fuego

#17 Clayton Kershaw                                    #27 Matt Kemp

#30 Yasiel Puig

Select Team

#2 Clayton Kershaw                                         #9 Matt Kemp

A Clayton Kershaw autographed card (#18) is indicated on Panini's checklist, but I have yet to see one.  I assume at this point it is available only through a redemption.


#96 Scott Van Slyke


#28 Clayton Kershaw


#12 Clayton Kershaw

Thunder Alley

#15 Matt Kemp                                           #22 Yasiel Puig


#7 Yasiel Puig

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