Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pedro Guerrero Won the Twitter Yesterday!

What happens when you combine Pedro Guerrero and twitter?

You get a whole lot of awesome!  Like, stupendous, crazy like I can't believe it, awesome!

Last night, the man once called "the best hitter God has made in a long time" took to twitter and spoke his mind.  Or, maybe it was that he went out of his mind.  Either way, it was unbelievable.  (Let me preface this by saying that I am fairly certain, like 99% certain, that this is really Pedro)

Check out what I mean below.

He starts off slowly.  Apparently, Pedro was hired to be a special hitting instructor for the Texas Winter League.  So, he was in town to work.

A few hours pass.  Then, we find out that he is dining with Jose Canseco and former Dodger Mike Marshall.  Hilarity soon ensues.
(twitter link)

Then this classic tweet hits twitter.
(twitter link)


The video Pedro links above is a highlight from an April 1987 game when Giants manager, Roger Craig, intentionally walked Pedro to get to Mike Marshall.  Naturally, Marshall proceeded to hit a home run to left field, and immediately taunted the Giants coach as he rounded the bases.  A purpose pitch came next, so benches cleared.  Watch that highlight here.
(twitter link)

Holy Moly!  You gotta love a Dodger who still taunts the Giants in retirement.
(twitter link)

So, we have his agent to thank for Pedro's twitter activities.  Thank you, Jose!  BTW, Pedro's agent tweeted a photo from dinner.

Last, but not least.  Did Pedro do some creeping on twitter?
(twitter link)

Reading Pedro's exchanges last night was incredibly entertaining.  I hope he does more of this because, goodness knows, we could use a little bit more Pedro in our lives.

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