Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oh, No... The Horror! Kershaw had an MRI

I just received a distressing press notice from the Dodgers.  It's like my worst nightmare.

Clayton Kerskaw got a MRI today, and will officially miss his next start on Sunday.
(pic above via
This morning in Los Angeles, Clayton Kershaw underwent a MRI of his left upper back that showed inflammation of the Teres Major muscle.  This was a result of complaints of tightness while throwing yesterday at the workout.  He will be held out of his start on Sunday.  His next start will be determined by his progress with his throwing during the next week.
Well, at least it's not the elbow, but it is part of the shoulder.  Check out the pic at the bottom right for a point of reference.  From
The teres major attaches to the posterior scapula, then straight across to the anterior (front) of the shoulder, attaching to the front of the humerus. This muscle along with the latissimus dorsi, forms the back part of your armpit. This muscle refers pain into the lateral shoulder and sometimes into the lateral forearm.
Below is more pics of the teres major muscle.  On the left is from, and on the right from Wikipedia:

I'm sure this is all precautionary.  Still, it's got to cause a skip in your heartbeat if you're a Dodger fan.  Thankfully, Kershaw quickly notified the Dodger staff to get it checked out right away.  BTW, the photo at the very top (via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2014) of Clayton was taken yesterday.

UPDATE:  Via Tim Brown of Yahoo on twitter, the Dodgers are just being extremely cautious.

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