Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Last Look at the Australia Series

With the Freeway Series and the start of the regular season for the entire league quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to take another look at the successful series of games the Dodgers played in Australia.  They made mince meat of the Diamondbacks in the two-game series, so this brief reflection is no doubt a happy one.  Below are a bunch of twitter related pics from fans in attendance in Australia.  BTW, Dodger photographer Jon SooHoo took a bunch of great photos from Australia, and you should check them out.  Go here, here, here and here.
(Opening Series bases, pic via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2014)

Now, check out what twitterer's shared on online this past weekend.

As you may recall, Vin Scully spoke a bit about a statue at Sydney Cricket Ground that honors a celebrated fan.  The fan's name is Yabba, and he is well known for being the best heckler to ever attend a game there.  Vin relayed some great yells from Yabba.  My favorite was:
"I wish you were a statue and I was a bird"
Awesome!  Below is a photo of the Yabba statue.

Now, here are some great photos from fans at the game.

I can't get enough of those old grandstands!

BTW, a bunch of the Dodger wifes got together for a group photo.

And the merchandise lines were unmercifully long.  Baseball caps sold out quickly.

Here are some pics of the food fans enjoyed.  Below is a Baseball mitt themed container holding some kind of pulled pork concoction.

Here's the infamous American Super Dog.

LA Times reporter Dylan Hernandez got to enjoy these weird things in the press room.

Here is what the stadium looks lilke from the outside.

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