Thursday, August 07, 2014

Some New Andy LaRoche Auto'd Cards Added to the Collection

Sometimes I just can't help it.  Andy LaRoche was suppose to be our power bat at 3rd base.  He was the guy who was suppose to help us forget about Adrian Beltre.  Instead, he was a spectacular bust.  Still, I find it necessary to add more autographed cards of him to my collection.  Heck, a couple of the cards (as seen below) have been on a personal want-list for a long time.

Featured above is 2007 Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition autographed card of Andy LaRoche.  Below is a 2007 Upper Deck Sweet Beginnings Signature embedded helmet card and a 2007 Upper Deck Black "Pride of the Nation" American flag patch autographed card.

It's hard to say what exactly happened to Andy LaRoche.  Was it a case of our eyes being bigger than our stomachs, or was it the thumb injury he sustained while with the Dodgers in 2008 that sapped his power?  Who knows, and we are likely to never find out.

All I know is that it's an cautionary tale all Baseball fans learn very quickly.  A young ballplayer with all the potential talent in the world is still just prospect. 

On the other hand, sometimes it's better to unwrap that present yourself than to see someone else do it in your stead.

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  1. At least you bought em at the right time.

    1. no kidding... i'd be really annoyed if I paid Pederson, Seager or Urias prices...

      Strangely, I do place bids on their cards all the time. They may be bust and those cards I get may end up being worthless, but at least I won't be missing out if they end up being stars. I'm still kicking myself in the butt when it comes to Puig. I remember seeing those Leaf Puig autographed cards going for chump change before he came up to the Dodgers.

    2. HAHA. I can relate. I saw those same Puig cards and I was like, "$10!? No way. He's not a major leaguer and there's no Dodger logo anywhere on that card!" Whoops. Thankfully, I did get a card signed at his first public autograph session for $40 (including authentication).


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