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Blog Kiosk: 12/16/2014 - Dodger Links - McCarthy Can't Draw, Yasmani Grandal and a Brief Update on TV Situation

I just had to do it.  

If you've been hanging around twitter then you know that Brandon McCarthy has been making quite an impression on social media.  He's engaging, quirky and has a poor sense of aesthetics - that last part being the most important factor of all.

Although his signing with the Dodgers is not yet finalized, I think it's fair to say that he is hyped about coming to Los Angeles.  In fact, he's so excited he just couldn't allow his avatar photo on his twitter feed to remain as it was.  He had to erase Yankee pinstripe and move to Dodger Blue.  So, he found a photoshop-style program and did it the old fashion way.  Brandon McCarthy found his inner child and painted in Blue.  The results of which you can see in the fantasy card I made above.  You can also check out his twitter to see it in its original glory: @MCcCarthy32.  (UPDATE: I stand corrected, the photo was drawn by twitter user @a20261.)

Best yet, his wife had some choice words about his efforts.  Check that out below.

You should take note that Amanda McCarthy has her own glorious Blue painted avatar photo that she now uses.  That was created by Lasorda's Lair blogger Stacie Wheeler

Below are some links to check out:
  • Via Ron Cervenka at Think Blue LA, "Kemp’s departure guarantees Eric Karros L.A. Dodgers immortality."
  • Via Dustin Nosler at Dodgers Digest, "Yasmani Grandal could make trading Matt Kemp palatable."  I hope your right, Dustin.  Other than pitch framing, his skills behind the plate are lacking.  He is just not my ideal vision of a catcher; especially after learning about his injury history.  My fear is that his days as a catcher will be over sooner than later. 
  • Via del4rel at Gaslamp Ball, "The Many Levels of the Matt Kemp Trade."  This one part about Yasmani Grandal is disconcerting:
A discussion of Grandal is incomplete without discussing his surgically repaired knee.  In the sports medicine world there are three kinds of lower body injuries: 1. Injuries.  2. Knee injuries.  3. ACL tears.  Even without a comprehensive survey, you can say with relative certainty that ACL tears have ended more football, baseball, and basketball careers than any other kind of trauma.  To put it in Padres terms - ACL tears are the lower body equivalent to Tommy John surgery.  Already an iffy defender, Grandal is now even less mobile behind the dish than he was pre-injury.  Catcher is easily the hardest position on a player's knees, and unless Grandal breaks into a much much better hitter, his value is tied to staying at catcher.  Couple this with a guy who isn't winning any popularity contests, you have to consider moving him before he has a chance to prove the hype wrong.
“I’m reasonably confident,” Kasten told Christopher Russo, “because of all the various business deals going on. We think when that gets settled we expect the full coverage to be a part of the overall solution.”
  • Via Dodgers Low-Down on facebook, he lets us know that the Dodgers on Direct TV is a big NO.  It sounds like it ain't going to happen.  Boo!
  • As I noted yesterday, Sy Berger died on Sunday morning at the age of 91.  He was a legend in the card and memorabilia hobby, and an important player within the business of Baseball.  All collectors and fans of the game owe him a bit of gratitude.  Fittingly, Keith Olbermann went on his show last night and honored him with a fantastic obituary.  Watch it below.

Video Link:

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