Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Festivus Day!

A Festivus for the rest of us!

In honor of this Seinfeld holiday I felt it would only be proper to air some grievances.
  • I don't quite know who to blame for the Dodger television mess.  But Time Warner, SportsNet LA and the Dodgers... You are on notice.  Get your act together and put Dodger Baseball on tv for all to enjoy!
  • To those who scoff at my fandom for Matt Kemp - do you not have any sense of decency?  Can I not mourn the departure of a great Dodger player while at the same time also realize it is best for the long-term health of the club?
  • I also got something to say about those folks who have or plan to 'boo' Matt Kemp... You are so disappointing.  Have you any sense of Dodger Blue loyalty? 
  • To those afraid of the changes - get over it!  We always knew the Dodgers would go through a dramatic transformation and it would be likely that many of our favorite players might be traded or allowed to walk away.  The Dodgers cannot succeed as a collection of high-priced free agents. 
  • To the saber-geeks, you should read Joe Posnanski story at NBC Sports entitled "Vanguard after the Revolution: Bill James sparked a baseball insurrection, but he has regrets about the world he wrought."
“I have to take my share of responsibility for promoting skepticism about things that I didn’t understand as well as I might have,” he says. “What I would say NOW is that skepticism should be directed at things that are actually untrue rather than things that are difficult to measure.
 i.e. leadership, clutch and grit.
If you have any other grievances please share them.  I'm moving on to the "Feats of Strength." Anyone want to wrestle?

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