Thursday, March 19, 2015

2015 Topps Opening Day - The Dodger Base and Variation Cards

I always wonder if we really need this set?

It just seems superfluous.  The design and a majority of the photos used are an exact carbon copy of the Topps flagship set released a couple of weeks ago.  Of course, you get the snazzy looking "Opening Day" logo on the card, but is that really worthy of a whole new card brand?  On the plus side, this set is more affordable; therefore, it's geared to kids and the budget minded.

Having said all that, we do get a glimpse at Jimmy Rollins first official Topps card as a Dodger.  So, that's cool.  And a couple of the variations use some great photos (see those at the very bottom).  Go here for a complete checklist of the set.

BTW, I used the "Blue" parallel versions of the Adrian Gonzalez and Zack Greinke cards below - which look awesome.  They should've made all the Dodger cards like that.

#40 Clayton Kershaw                               #63 Adrian Gonzalez

#75 Jimmy Rollins                                #85 Zack Greinke

#193 Joc Pederson                                  #198 Yasiel Puig

A complete checklist of all the variation cards in the set has yet to be compiled, but I figured I would share pics of the known Dodger issues now.  As you might have guessed, both Clayton Kershaw and Yasiel Puig have photo variations in the set and they are glorious - particularly the Kershaw card.  I also included a pic of the Justin Morneau photo variation since it includes Yasiel Puig.

Photo Variations

#40 Clayton Kershaw

#198 Yasiel Puig

#159 Justin Morneau w/ Yasiel Puig

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