Thursday, April 23, 2015

2015 Topps Chipz - The Dodger Chips

The oddest collectible in the hobby has just been released.  It is called Chipz, and as the name suggest it's a poker-styled chip featuring your favorite ballplayer.  I have yet to see a complete checklist, but I'm certain I've got photos of all the Dodger players available.  Check them out below.

BTW, the normal base Chipz are the white border chips.  Parallel borders come in Red (1:2 packs), Blue (1:4), Green (1:6) and Black (1:10).  There are also Red Foil (one per case) and Gold Foil (1:10) Stickers.

I am also aware of only one Dodger memorabilia Chipz.  It is of Yasiel Puig, and you can see one of them below. 

#Adrian Gonzalez                               #Zack Greinke

#Clayton Kershaw                                  #Yasiel Puig

#Hanley Ramirez                             #Hyun-Jin Ryu

Game-Used Memorabilia

#Yasiel Puig

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  1. They did these last year as well. Instead of having colored parallels, the parallels were magnetic and glow in the dark. That didn't do as well. At least with the colored parallels, you can use them in your next home poker game. There's a good number of poker chip collectors out there, but I don't know if there's much crossover between them and baseball fans.

    1. yeah, it's hard to believe there's a huge market for these from card collectors... or kids, for that matter. As for poker chip collectors, there can't be that many of them out there... are there? I guess I'm just shocked that they keep making this product.

    2. There's a decent amount of poker chip collectors out there. Some of the chips that the larger casinos make are very nice looking. Supplies are fairly easy to find online. I think that poker chips from casinos that are no longer in existence can sell for good amounts. It looks like this one sold for almost $30,000:

    3. WTF! I got a bunch of old casino chips that i just kept for no particular reason... Ya know, coming home from Vegas and miss-placing a few in my bag so I never cashed it in... And I remember the Showboat Casino... Now I gotta do some searching


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