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Blog Kiosk: 5/23/2015 - Dodger Links - Puig, Pederson and Brandon Beachy

When I came across this photo on eBay I knew I had to share it - watermark and all.  Featured above is former Dodger skipper Walter Alston playing a game of pool with his father at his Ohio home in 1962.  He had just signed a new contract to coach the club for another season, and was no doubt celebrating with a leisurely game.

On the other hand, knowing Alton's reputation as a pool shark, it may not have been so laid-back.  After all, Alston had said on numerous occasions that he put himself through college playing pool, and it's well known he would happily take your wad should you meet him at the table.

Some say he was the best billiard player in the game, and when he teamed up with Jim Gilliam and Leo Durocher (all fantastic pool players in their own right) they formed a fantastic cabal that stormed through the league.

I often wonder how much money they hustled off of opposing teams.  Did they come into a city with thoughts of victory and wealth?  Would they meet with the opposing players/coach's at a local hall hoping to demoralize them on the green felt after doing so on the green grass?  What kind of shtick would Alston use when facing someone who didn't know him?

I can imagine it now.  He plays some country bumpkin, wheeling in an unsuspecting mark, before setting off a volley of game-winning shots.  

Below are some more links to check out:

Pederson’s swing is just that: A blend of old and new school that is beautiful to watch and has created impressive results. Pederson has the loose, relaxed upper body reminiscent of hitters of yesteryear with the big leg kick, and the aggressive lower body movements favored by the best modern hitters. This movement pattern isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it’s an efficient way to deliver the bat with force. The coach in me loves his swing because the movements are so big and clear; Pederson provides a great template to show young hitters how to move with intent at the plate. 
  • Just another depth move for the Dodgers.  Via Jeff Todd at MLB Trade Rumors, "Dodgers Acquire Eric Surkamp From White Sox."  Apparently, Blake Smith was sent to the White Sox.
  • Brandon Beachy, signed over the winter, pitched a three-inning simulated game/live batting practice yesterday in preparation for a possible rehab assignment.  He would certainly be in the starting pitching mix should he prove to be ready in the minors.  Via a tweet from @Think_BlueLA:

  • This is really cool.  Via Thomas Duffy at the Bleacher Report, "Father Surprises Daughter at Wedding with a Game of Catch During 1st Dance."
  • Here's a video I came across of Clayton Kershaw doing some painting by throwing balls for MTV.  Best yet, he spent some time throwing right-handed.

Video Link:
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