Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Congrats, 'Hawks!

If you haven't noticed, I've been rather silent for most of the hockey season this year.  A combination of some terrible play by my hometown team, LA Kings, and their eventually ouster from playoff contention had left me with an unmistakable void I had hoped would never again creep into my life as a hockey fan.  I was despondent and angry the season turned out the way it had.  And worse yet, I knew exactly who would be the favored club to take home the Stanley Cup... And that didn't exactly make me too happy either.

As King coach Darryl Sutter is want to say, "the road to the Stanley Cup goes through Chicago."  This has been true for many years now, and yesterday's outcome proves that point. 

The Chicago Blackhawks are a dynasty in the NHL, and as much as I hate writing this they are truly worthy of their third championship in six years.

Congrats, 'Hawks!

Now check out this fantastic interview with a 'Hawks fan roaming the streets in Chicago, via WGNtv.com.

Pic at the very top via @NHLonNBC on twitter.

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