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Blog Kiosk: 7/30/2015 - Dodger Links - Newcombe, Gilliam and Joc Pederson

Don Newcombe is looking good.  A couple of weeks ago he fell ill at Dodger Stadium and had to go to hospital.  Now, he's doing well enough to visit the boys at the stadium.  Above, he is featured with old friend Fernando Valenzuela, via a pic by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2015.

Below are some links to check out:
"I stopped playing soccer video games," Puig said. "I've found that when I play baseball video games, I do better."
(pic via @backupslider on twitter)
Mayor Karl Dean and the Nashville Sounds will unveil a name change for First Tennessee Park's address on Tuesday, from 401 Jackson Street to 19 Junior Gilliam Way.
  • Via Gemma Kaneko at Cut4, "Joc Pederson shares cereal power rankings, is miffed Taylor Swift didn't invite him to her concert."
"I'm just kind of jealous she put on that good of a concert and didn't invite us," he said, referring to the show she played at Nationals Park just before the Dodgers came to town. You know, the show Max Scherzer blamed for causing the power to go out in the stadium on July 17. "If she's gonna blow the lights out, she should invite us," said Pederson. 
Dodger pitcher Mike Bolsinger agrees that fans are more aggressive.

“It’s crazy now, they’re not hesitant to just scream out and ask for the autograph,” Bolsinger said with a laugh. “They yell ‘gimme the ball,’ and I'm just like, ‘wow, I guess.’”

Still, Bolsinger takes time before each game and even signed during a rain delay on day he was pitching in Washington, D.C., recently.

“It’s pretty fun to meet and talk to people from every city we go to,” he said.
  • Via John Baker at Just a Bit Outside, "Edwin Jackson: Consummate professional, teammate, friend."  I always like this kid.
  • Panini America shares a whole bunch of pics from Day 1 from the National Sports Card Collectors Convention in Chicago here.
  • This is hilarious... And disgusting... And wrong... But, it's mostly hilarious!  Via Sky 105 at The Sky Post, "Golf club is desperately trying to find culprit who has been pooing in holes for last 10 years."
‘We know it is a man because the poos are too massive to be from a woman,’ he explained.
  • Fox reporter Andrew Carter briefly interviews Dodger prospect Julio Urias; with the help of Jose DeLeon in the video below:

Video Link:

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