Monday, July 06, 2015

#SaveDodgerfilms - Bobby Crosby Banned from Filming at Dodger Stadium


I just found out about this and can't believe it.  Bobby Crosby, the proprietor of the famous DodgerFilms on youtube, has been told that he can "no longer film anything at Dodger Stadium."  Wha....?

This is so short-sighted.

I think it's fair to say that there is no other fan, including those that blog about the team like myself, that has done more to support and promote the team than Bobby. 

Check out his video page here on youtube.  He gets hundred of thousands of hits per video and I assure you that kids love watching his exploits.  Crosby provides more free publicity and goodwill than can be measured, and to stop him from doing what he does is a shame.

Watch his video explaining the situation below.  There is also a petition on  (Hat Tip: mpgiii on reddit)  I might also suggest writing the Dodgers.  You can do that on their website here.  There was also an email the current ownership gave out when they initially took over the team that the team president, Stan Kasten, claimed he looked at personally.  It is: (I'm not entirely sure if this is still in use).

Video Link:

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