Thursday, November 05, 2015

ICYMI: Check out some Dodgers' in their Halloween Garb

I know Halloween is now a distant memory, but I figured it would be fun to share some photos featuring Dodger players in their best festive attire.  No doubt these guys roamed the streets and alleyways throughout America looking for candy.

Let's start with infielder Jimmy Rollins, who I think is Aladdin, with his family in the photo above.  It was instagramed just as the evening was about to begin.

Below may not show our ace in costume, but I couldn't resist sharing this cute pic of his young daughter as a little sheep. 

Adrian was the cowardly lion this Halloween.

JP Howell had a roaring good time passing out candy dressed as a grizzly bear. 
Justin Tuner couldn't resist a Baseball themed costume... Wendy Peffercorn!
Kiké Hernandez wonders, "why so serious!"

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