Friday, February 05, 2016

Ross Porter Back to Calling Baseball - for CSU, Northridge

Ross Porter is a name many younger Dodgers fans do not know, but for those of us who still vividly remember the days before the McCourt era his name should still ring blissfully in your ear.  For 28 years, from 1977 to 2004, he was the Dodgers play-by-play announcer.  He sat alongside Vin Scully in the broadcast booth, and even hosted both pre- and post-game "Dodger Talk" broadcasts for fourteen years.  Then, unceremoniously, he was fired by the club, and to this day still doesn't know who or why he was fired.  Heck, no one in the organization (which was in the first year of the McCourt ownership) even contacted him directly about it.  Such was the McCourt ownership.

Now, some twelve years later, Ross Porter will be back on the airwaves to call some Baseball.  This time it will be for CSU, Northridge.  Per a press release:
“I am thrilled to be asked by CSUN to announce their home baseball games this year. It’s a great chance for me to do what I love,” said Porter. “I’m excited to do it for a wonderful university like CSUN and to be associated again with young men who are passionate about baseball. I have been able to spend time getting to know the team and find them to be outstanding young student-athletes.”
Porter is slated to call 18 of the 28 Northridge home Baseball games this coming season.  The remaining ten home games, along with all of the schools softball games, will be called by radio and play-by-play broadcaster Brandon Marcus.  You can listen to it all streaming at the CSUN Sports Network.

BTW, for those who recall, Ross Porter had a penchant for passing along statistical information during his Dodgers broadcasts, so I suspect he'll be do the same for Northridge.  No doubt the sabermetrically-inclined Matador fan will enjoy what he has to say. 

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