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2016 Topps Heritage - The Dodgers Variation Cards

Topps Heritage brand is now in stores, and as you can see it borrows the design of the 1967 Topps Baseball card set.  I will have pics of all the base cards tomorrow, so I figured I'd take a look at the currently known Dodgers variations that can be found today.  This is not likely to be complete listing at this juncture, and I will update this post as needed.  Go here for a complete checklist.

I've paired each sport-printed variation with its normal base card for comparison.  On the left is the normal card and on its right is the variation.

Corey Seager has to share his Heritage card with former Dodger Jose Peraza.  Thankfully, a full-size Seager is available as a short print.  (Look Night Owl... Palm Trees!)

SP Rookie Variations

#168 Corey Seager 
Normal Base Cards                                   SP Rookie Variation

 Below is a look at the reverse of the Seager card.

Baseball Action Variations
#410 Yasiel Puig 
Normal Base Card                                 Action Variation

Color Swap Variations

#426 Clayton Kershaw 
Normal Base Card                          Color Swap Variation

The Chrome cards below are not variations -- in that they are short printed and therefore scarce.  Although, they are available in smaller numbers compared to the base cards.  I just thought it would be interesting to point out the Zack Greinke "chrome parallel" since it uses a different photo than what is found in the base set.  For the "chrome parallel" Topps decided to show us the non-Photoshopped version of the photo they used.  Check it out below.  BTW, not every card in the base set has a "chrome parallel."  A checklist is provided below.

Base Chrome Parallel

  • #130 Zack Greinke 
  • #410 Yasiel Puig
  • #426 Clayton Kershaw
#130 Zack Greinke 
 Normal Base Card                              Base Chrome Parallel

That Greinke card on the left is terrible... Right?  In case you're interested, below is the reverse of the Zack Greinke card.

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  1. To be fair, those D-back uniforms are terrible, regardless of how good a photoshopping job is being done.


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