Thursday, March 31, 2016

Vintage Dodgers' Gamers and a Championship Ring at SCP Auctions

For Dodgers fans and collectors the upcoming SCP Auction is everything you could have hoped for.  It's filled with well over a hundred different items; including a massive collection of personal items from the estate of Don Drysdale.  Heck, it's almost breathtaking in its scale.  There's just so much to stare at.

Since I suspect I'll be putting up several different post focused on just the Drysdale stuff, I thought I would begin an cavalcade of posts by focusing on a few of the non-Drysdale items that caught my eye.  I promise to begin in earnest with the Drysdale goodies in a post tomorrow.

What could possibly be the best way to introduce an auction featuring Don Drysdale then to begin with a real honest-to-goodness game-used jersey of his left-handed teammate Sandy Koufax.  Below is a 1956 gamer signed by the "Left Hand of God."  (Auction Link)  I should add that Koufax gamers are impossible to find, and when they do come to auction they sell in the hundreds of thousands.  This particular jersey originates from the warehouse of Chuck Poehler, owner of Los Angeles based sporting goods manufacturer Goodman & Sons.

Below is Duke Snider's 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers National League Championship ring. (Auction Link)

I just can't get enough of the satin blue Brooklyn Dodgers uni's, so when they pop up I have to highlight it.  Below is a 1944 jersey once worn by outfielder Augie Galan.  (Auction Link)

And finally, here is Clayton Kershaw's game-worn jersey from his very first postseason win.  It was worn during Game One of the 2013 NLDS against the Atlanta Braves on 10/3/2013. (Auction Link)  He went seven innings, struck out twelve, walked three, allowed three hits and gave up only one run.  In other words, he was masterful on the mound.

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