Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Memorabilia from Walter Alston's Estate at SCP Auction - The 1955 World Champion Dodgers

I ended last week sharing some of the early memorabilia from the managerial and playing career of Dodgers Hall of Famer Walter Alston (link here).  As you know, a large portion of Alston's personal memorabilia is currently for sale at SCP Auctions, and you can view it all now.  Everything you can imagine is there; including his own personal billiards cue (Walt was quite a shark on the felt).   There are 130 different lots, and bidding starts tomorrow.  In the meantime, I thought I would take the next few days to highlight some of his collection.

Featured here is everything related to his steering of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers. To start is his 1955 World Championship ring above (Auction Link Here), on the below left is his game-used cap from that season (Auction Link Here) and on the bottom right is 1955 satin jacket (Auction Link Here).

And now some of the awards. 

Prior to 1983 there was no official "Manager of the Year" awards.  Instead, various publications and companies decided to honor the years greats themselves.  Below, Sport Magazine named Walter Alston the "Man of the Year" for his leading of the Dodgers to victory for the first time in franchise history (Auction Link Here).

Below is a collection of four other awards given to Alston for the 1955 season (Auction Link Here).  The trophy on the left is from the St. Paul King of Fans Club and it was present by St. Paul, MN mayor Joseph E. Dillon.  On its right is a plaque from the Hamilton, OH Champber of Commerce.  To its right is a plaque from the Athletic Club of Columbus, OH.  Finally, on the far right is a trophy from the Darrtown Community.  Alston went to high school in Darrtown, OH.

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