Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dodger Fans on Reddit are Trolling Bumgarner on Baseball Reference

The trolling never stops.

Yesterday I came across a Reddit post on /r/Dodgers and immediately busted out laughing.  (See it here)  Dodger fans on the site were working on pooling their resources together to officially sponsor Madison Bumgarner's Baseball Reference page, and apparently they gathered enough funds to do just that.  Check out a screen grab above.  Go to Bumgarner's page here.

As you can see, the DodgerBros put up:
Look at /r/Dodgers instead!

From what I understand the cost was a bit over $400 to sponsor this page.  Also, if memory serves correct the sponsorship will last for an entire year (I had personally sponsored a couple pages several years ago).  So, Giant fans will be reminded of #DontLookAtMe every time they go to that page.  Ha! Ha!

Just when I thought we wouldn't be able to get more play out of that ridiculous incident someone goes on and proves me wrong.

Well done, Reddit!

Well done.

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