Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Topps Update Baseball - The Dodgers 500 HR Futures, Own the Name and All-Star Cards

Here is a last look at the Dodgers cards found in packs of 2016 Topps Update.  Featured below are the 500 HR Futures Club, All-Star Cards and "Own the Name" cards.  Go here to check out all of my past blog post on this set.

Of note, I find it a bit presumptuous to include both Adrian Gonzalez and Joc Pederson in a list of future 500 home run hitters.  With 308 career homers at 34 years of age it is highly unlikely Adrian Gonzalez will reach the 500 mark.  Additionally, Joc Pederson has averaged 25 home runs a season, so he'd have to continue hitting at that pace for twenty years. 

500 HR Futures Club

#500-9 Adrian Gonzalez                          #500-19 Joc Pederson

500 HR Futures Club Medallions

#500M-9 Adrian Gonzalez                 #500M-19 Joc Pederson

500 HR Futures Club Relics

#500R-AG Adrian Gonzalez

500 HR Futures Club Autographs

  • #500AR-JP Joc Pederson -- not seen yet

All-Star Jumbo Patches (#/6)

#ASJP-CK Clayton Kershaw

All-Star Jumbo Patches Autographs (#/6)

#ASJAP-CK Clayton Kershaw

All-Star Stitches

#ASTIT-CK Clayton Kershaw              #ASTIT-CS Corey Seager

All-Star Stitches Triples

#AST-RLS Russell, Seager & Lindor

All-Star Stitches Autographed Relics

#ASAP-CK Clayton Kershaw

MLB All-Star Game Access

#MLB-1 Clayton Kershaw                       #MLB-13 Corey Seager

MLB All-Star Game Access Autographs

  • #MLBA-CK Clayton Kershaw -- Not Yet Seen

Own the Name (#/1)

  • #OTN-AG Adrian Gonzalez
  • #OTN-HR Hyun-Jin Ryu
  • #OTN-JP Joc Pederson

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