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2016 Panini Pantheon Baseball - The Dodgers Cards

Here is a look at many of the Dodgers cards found in packs of 2016 Panini Pantheon Baseball.  Go here for a complete checklist.  Unfortunately, Panini does not provide an accurate (in terns of card #'s) checklist to work with, so I've done my best to make a Dodgers checklist for collectors.  Keep in mind that most of the card #'s below are inaccurate.

This is a new brand for Panini's Baseball products.  It features a box that consist of eight packs with a single card inside, and you are guaranteed that the one card has either an autograph, relic, or both.  So, this is a set filled only with hits.  As in the past, there are no team or MLB logos since it is only licensed by the players union and not the league.

Base Guilds

500 Home Runs
#21 Gary Sheffield

300 Wins
#61 Don Sutton

Pantheon Scripts

  • #7 Chan Ho Park -- not yet seen
  • #17 Fernando Valenzuela -- not yet seen

Pantheon Scripts Duals

#19 Mike Piazza

Chronicled Calligraphy

  • #44 Chan Ho Park -- not yet seen
#52 Tommy Lasorda

Chronicled Cuts (#/1)

  • #8 Walter O'Malley -- not yet seen
  • #11 Leo Durocher -- not yet seen

Class and Rank

#CR-JR Jackie Robinson

Class and Rank Duals

#11 Jackie Robinson & Pee Wee Reese

#20 Mike Schmidt & Roy Campanella

Decade Deities

  • #14 Don Drysdale -- not yet seen

Gallant Gloves

  • #1 Gil Hodges -- not yet seen

Scripted Gloves

#9 Steve Garvey

Honored and Privileged

  • #HP-JR Jackie Robinson -- not yet seen
#HP-PWR Pee Wee Reese


#5 Mike Piazza

Local Lore

  • #9 Roy Campanella -- not yet seen

Milestone Scripts

  • #MS-MP Mike Piazza -- not yet seen
#MS-DS Don Sutton

Noble Timber

#3 Mike Piazza

Scripted Noble Timber

  • #4 Mike Piazza -- not yet seen


  • #1 Jackie Robinson -- not yet seen
#13 Jim Gilliam

Sacred Deployments

  • #8 Hodges, Snider & Campanella -- not yet seen

Script 20 

  • #15 Fernando Valenzuela -- not yet seen 
#2 Orel Hershiser

Script 300

#8 Don Sutton

Script 500

#500-GS Gary Sheffield

The Enlightened Ones

  • #2 William, Robinson & DiMaggio -- not yet seen

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