Friday, December 09, 2016

Welcome Back to the Blue, Alanna Rizzo!

We received word earlier this morning that the Dodgers have re-signed a trusted and important friend to Dodger fans everywhere (at least to fans who can watch the team on television).  Announced today, via a tweet from Alanna Rizzo, was the formal re-signing of Mrs. Rizzo to the Dodgers/SportsNet LA broadcasting team.
Congrats!  I look forward to watching more of your interviews next season.

In celebration I made the above two fantasy Baseball cards.  The card on the left uses a photo originally taken by Jon SooHoo/2014 and the 1952 Topps Baseball card design.  On the right is another Jon SooHoo photograph taken last season with the help of Howie Kendrick's camera and the 1966 Topps Baseball card design.

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  1. Sweet. I've missed her since her stint on IT. Unfortunately, I'm on the east coast and can't see her.

    Fo Shizzo my Rizzo!

  2. Just saw her reporting from spring training...she must have spent the whole off-season eating - good god, what the hell happened to her?!

    1. I saw her, too. Unless it was just some unflattering camera angles (or lack of makeup), she looks like the girl who ate Camelback Ranch!

  3. I hear she's been seeing Chris Iannetta for a while...she's always pushing his overpriced "designer wine" on her Twitter account.


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