Monday, March 27, 2017

Blog Kiosk: 3/27/2016 - Dodgers Links - Some Spring Odds and Ends

We are almost there.  The season is a week away and both fans and players alike will soon be heading to ballgames back at their teams home fields.  There are only a few days left before scenes like the one seen above will disappear until next Spring.  So enjoy the festivities if you are still there. 

Photograph above via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2017.  Below are more links to check out:

Q: You were in camp recently around top prospect Cody Bellinger. What impresses you the most about him?
A: "For me, obviously the physical skills are there but the maturity for a young guy as good as anybody. We're at games and we're in the seventh inning and guys that have already played can go on in. He stays out for the entire game, which is not typical of any player for that matter. So it shows that again it's more than just, 'How am I going to get to the big leagues.' It's about being a good teammate; it's about being a responsible guy."
  • Cat loves the dodgers shares even more pics from her recent visit to a Dodgers spring at Camelback Ranch, here.
  • This is really great.  Sports Illustrated shares a bunch of pics taken by Rob Tringali featuring, "Dave Roberts: A Day in the Life of the Dodgers Manager."
  • Fantastic! Via Robert Sanchez at ESPN; "Showstopper: Corey Seager is driven by a fear of failure. So how did he become the leader of a new generation of superstar shortstops? One sweet swing at a time." 
His swing is already legendary around here; the efficiency with which Seager deploys his most lethal gift is profound. Power hitters are often famous for the violence of their swings, the high leg kicks and viciousness of force through the ball. Seager is the antithesis. There are no grand movements. His head is perfectly still, his back elbow perpendicular to his sinewy body. There's a small toe-tap, a wide yawn of a step, a mass of controlled action ready to be unleashed forward. Seager's left-handed swing is like the undercurrent of a river -- liquid and beautiful and deceptively powerful, the source of its strength invisible to the naked eye.
“Him taking another week to let it subside, we’ll get a better idea of how aggressive we can be,” Roberts said. “As he stays off it and minimizes his activity, the scarring takes place. Once he’s asymptomatic, we can continue to be more aggressive.”
  • Via Ken Gurnick at; "Seager may miss Freeway Series: Dodgers shortstop needs work on swing; Baez likely headed to DL."
"(Seager) doesn't feel great mechanically, but his timing, that's to be expected," said manager Dave Roberts. "As each day goes on, he'll get four or five at-bats. To get him in a Major League park is not a priority. To get him at-bats down here makes the most sense. There's a possibility [he misses the whole Freeway Series]."
“I just go out and worry about me. I don’t worry about anybody else,” Toles said, seeming to be genuinely surprised when it was pointed out one half of left field had essentially fallen in his lap. “I don’t know, man. We’ll see how it works out.”

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