Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Brooklyn Dodgers Goodies at Lelands - Mullin Drawing, Koufax Jersey and the Movie "42"

It's not often that you see a Willard Mullin original in color, so when one crosses your view you've got to pay attention. Featured here is his classic depiction of the Brooklyn Dodger "Bum" in a heated exchange with with an uninterested umpire. (auction link) It is one of several Dodgers-related goodies currently up for auction at Lelands. Below are a couple more items I thought were worth noting.

BTW, for those who don't know Willard Mullin was the creator of the much beloved Dodgers "Bum" in 1937. As the story goes, Mullin got into a cab and was asked the question,
"How did our bums do today?" 
From that simple question was born an idea and a brilliant cultural representation that remains in the forefront of Brooklyn Dodger lore.

Speaking of mythology and legend, featured below is a 1955 Brooklyn Dodger uniform once worn by the great Sandy Koufax - during his rookie season. (auction link)

I can't begin to express how rare a game-used Koufax jersey is. They just don't exist, and I've been told that you can count the number of them around with one hand. At the time of this posting this jersey is already at $214,359.00. With only nine days left in the auction it could very well reach half a million.

Below is another group of jersey's, but it won't cost you a mansion to buy it. Below are eight vintage looking jersey's that were used during the filming of the recent Jackie Robinson biopic "42". (auction link)

This lot includes:
  • 1-2) Pair of 1947 Leo Durocher home & road Brooklyn Dodger #2 jerseys worn by Christopher Meloni of Law & Order: SVU and Oz fame. 
  • 3) Crosstown rival and fellow HOFer 1947 Johnny Mize New York Giants #15. 
  • 4) 1947 Harry "The Hat" Walker Philadelphia Phillies #4 from his batting title winning year. 
  • 5) 1947 Pete Castiglione Pittsburgh Pirates #9. 
  • 6) 1947 Boston Braves #4. 
  • 7) 1947 Murry Dickson St. Louis Cardinals #22, the man who beat the Dodgers the previous year in the famous 1946 Dodger-Cardinals Cardinals playoff series. 
  • 8) Last but perhaps least, the infamous 1947 Ben Chapman Philadelphia Phillies #7. Worn by Alan Tudyk.

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