Thursday, November 09, 2017

A Willard Mullin Brooklyn "Bum" Drawing at Hunt Auctions

As I've said many times before, I can't get enough of Willard Mullin's artwork.

Featured here is another one of his original drawings, circa 1950's, featuring the Brooklyn Dodgers "Bum" that is currently available at Hunt Auctions. (auction link)

As you can see, the rather befuddled Dodgers mascot is lamenting the good play of two of his rivals -- the Phildalphia Phillies "Whiz Kids" and the St. Louis Cardinals lead by Stan "The Man" himself. At the same time, he begs for the Braves to finally start winning -- no doubt hoping that the Dodgers will benefit.

Per the dialog in the drawing, the "Bum" says:
As if it ain't tough enough wit' them kids f'm Philly givin' yez th' hot-foot... An' them St. Looney Card Sharps dealin' yez nuttin' but doity deuces... 
... Them Braves have t'go on th' war path!
Unfortunately, we don't know the exact date of this drawing, but it is clearly from the Golden Age of the game.

Heck, maybe it's from the 1950 season.

That year the Phillies, lead by a team with the average age of 26 years old, were headed towards a pennant when a late slump allowed Brooklyn to enter into the picture. On September 18th the Dodgers were nine games behind Philadelphia. Two weeks later, the Dodgers were one game back with only one more to play -- their opponent would be the Phillies.

In that last game, pitchers Robin Roberts and Don Newcombe (who had faced off against each other on Opening Day) were on the mound, and for much of the game it was a pitching duel. At the end of nine innings the game was locked up at one run apiece. Then, the Phillies struck. With Newk still on the mound, 29-year old Dick Sisler walloped a three-run home run to put the game out of reach.

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  1. I don't think he's begging for the Braves to start winning. I think it's more like "as if it ain't bad enough that the Phillies and Cardinals are so good, now the Braves are winning, too!" I'd look for a time when the Braves were on a winning streak.


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