Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Plenty of Dodgers Memorabilia at SCP Auctions

SCP is currently running their annual Spring auction and it includes plenty of shiny Dodgers hardware to drool over. First, though, I wanted to point to a couple of fantastic game-used items that stuck out to me. First of all, check out the pristine catchers glove above. It is a Roy Campanella gamer and comes from the family of former Dodger Carl Furillo. (Auction Link)

This next item has an unusual background and provenance. The Brooklyn cap on the right is purported to be a gamer once worn by Jackie Robinson and it was attained by a fan sitting behind the Dodger dugout. (Auction Link) Per the auction description.
He acquired it decades ago from an old friend who had owned the treasured keepsake since he obtained it himself in the seats behind the Dodgers dugout at Ebbets Field upon Jackie Robinson removing it from his head and casting it into the crowd. The cap was later bestowed upon our consignor, with this verbal history, as a means to settle a debt incurred by his friend. As with many such stories, they must be taken with a grain of salt, however, when the cap arrived at our offices we were taken aback by its compelling physical traits.
As with any collectible like this, it's value will be largely based on the trustworthiness of its origins, and clearly the provenance here isn't the best. Although, it is a fantastic story -- one that is seen at stadiums all the time nowadays.

On another note, it apparently -- not visibly obvious in photos -- has two “half moon” shaped hard shell inserts hidden within the cap to protect the batter from a beaning. This would coincide with previous reports that Jackie Robinson had special caps made for him just like this.

Now, let's look at some shiny stuff.

Featured above are the coolest cuff-links I have ever seen. It celebrates the Dodgers four-game sweep of the Yankees in the 1963 World Series. (Auction Link) Below is Ralph Branca's 1977 NL Pennant Championship ring. (Auction Link)

Please note that I am purposely sharing several Dodgers' pennant championship rings because of the recent whining I've read about the Dodgers upcoming pennant celebration scheduled for the first homestand of the season. I don't care what the naysayers are saying, pennants matter and the Dodgers deserve the right to take pride in that.

BTW, this auction also includes a 1988 World Series ring (auction link), a 1955 World Series Pendant (auction link), and 1981 World Series Pendants (auction link).

Here's another Ralph Branca ring. This time we are peering at his 1974 NL Pennant ring. (Auction Link)

And here is Branca's 1978 NL Pennant ring. (Auction Link)

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