Monday, April 02, 2018

2017 Leaf Trinity Baseball - All the Dodgers Cards

We are four months into 2018, so why Leaf sees it fit to release a 2017 set now is beyond me. Featured here is Leaf's newest Baseball card set, and it is their 2017 Leaf Trinity brand. Go here for a complete checklist.

As you know, this product focuses on up-'n-coming prospects; including our 2017 1st round pick Jeren Kendall. There are also several different autographed cards of Cody Bellinger available.

Clear Autographs Gray

#CA-CB1 Cody Bellinger            #CA-ER1 Edwin Rios

#CA-JK1 Jeren Kendall           #CA-WS1 Will Smith

Signatures Bronze

  • #A-ER1 Edwin Rios - Redemption
#A-JK1 Jeren Kendall

Patch Autographs Bronze

  • #PA-CB1 Cody Bellinger - Redemption
  • #PA-ER1 Edwin Rios - Redemption
#PA-JK1 Jeren Kendall

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