Thursday, September 27, 2018

2018 Bowman Chrome - The Dodgers Insert Cards

Here's a look at most of the Dodger insert cards found in packs of Topps 2018 Bowman Chrome. As I'm sure you know, it's filled with nothing but prospects; including a bunch of AFL Fall Stars cards of Matt Beaty.

Bowman Chrome Prospects Autographs

#CPA-CRI Carlos Rincon        #BCPA-DM Dustin May

#BCPA-ER Edwin Rios

Chrome Rookie Autographs

#BCRA-AV Alex Verdugo

2017 AFL Fall Stars

#AFL-MB Matt Beaty

2017 AFL Fall Stars Autographs

  • #AFL-MB Matt Beaty -- Not Yet Seen

2017 AFL Fall Stars Relics

#AFLR-MB Matt Beaty

2017 AFL Fall Stars Autograph Relics

#AFLR-MB Matt Beaty

Peaks of Potential

#PP-KR Keibert Ruiz            #PP-MW Mitchell White

Peaks of Potential Autographs

#PPA-KR Keibert Ruiz          #PPA-MW Mitchell White

Prime Chrome Signatures

  • #PCS-MW Mitchell White -- Not Yet Seen

#PCS-KR Keibert Ruiz

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