Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Relic that Lead to our only 2018 World Series Win

I know the last thing Dodger fans want to be reminded of is the 2018 World Series. After all, we were dealt a crushing and embarrassing blow that I think most fans would rather just forget. This, of course, tends to happen when you're only able to muster one victory in a series -- a win that we very easily could have and probably should have lost.

You know what game I mean.

It was during Game 3 that the Dodgers and Red Sox duked it out for 18 painstaking innings. A game where our premier closer couldn't finish. A game that saw 18 different pitchers take the mound. It was a game that only became winnable when an error committed by the eventually AL Gold Glove winner allowed us to tie the game.

As you'll recall, the Dodgers came into the bottom of the 13th trailing by one. A walk and pop fly put a man on second base -- scoring position. Then, with two outs the mighty Yasiel Puig hit a sharp grounder just to the right of second base. Ian Kinsler, who now has two Gold Gloves on his mantel, fielded the ball awkwardly and uncharacteristically threw it away. You can relive that flub here.

Ian Kinsler had committed only nine errors at that demanding position all season long, so his miscue is certainly noteworthy. Heck, what happened at the conclusion of the game is likely even more significant. As you'll recall, Kinsler not only apologized to his clubhouse for the error, but he also threw his glove away in disgust. That glove ended up in the hands of teammate Christian Vazques, and now it is available at auction through Paragon. (Auction Link) Per Henry Bushnell at Yahoo Sports:
“I lost my footing a little bit. I was trying to keep the ball in with a guy on second base, try not to let that ball go up the middle. I over-ran it a little bit and then when I planted to turn to throw, the turf kind of gave way in the act of throwing and just sailed it wide. I just had the last out in my glove and couldn’t get it over there. It was tough to swallow.”
Don't fret, Ian. That series is a tough one to swallow for Dodger fans too.

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