Thursday, June 06, 2019

2019 Topps Finest - All the Dodger Cards

Wow! I can't believe how weak this set is for Dodger collectors. Last year there were seven base cards and eight different inserts available. In 2017 there were four base and 13 insert cards available. Prior years were just as packed. This season, however there are only five Dodger cards available to chase after in all --  three base cards, an insert and an autographed card. So, if you're a box breaker I would suggest passing on getting the Dodgers. Go here for a complete checklist. Below is a look at all the Dodger cards.


#7 Walker Buehler              #23 Clayton Kershaw

#84 Cody Bellinger

Finest Origins Autographs

#FOA-ABE Adrian Beltre

Prized Performers

#PP-CKE Clayton Kershaw

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