Thursday, June 13, 2019

2019 Topps Series 2 Flaship Set -- Some Inserts and Silver Pack Promos

Yesterday, we took a look at all of the Dodger base cards found in the second series of Topps flagship baseball cards set. Now, we can check out some of the inserts that are available.

First, though let's take a peek at the Silver Pack promotion. Like last year, collectors can go to your local participating card shop and receive a free 'Silver Pack' when purchasing a Series Two hobby box. These limited edition packs feature exclusive 1984 Chrome cards with a chromium "Mojo" finish. Go here for more information. Directly below are the two Dodgers' available -- Clayton Kershaw and Cody Bellinger.

Below those cards are the '150 Years of Baseball', 'Home Run Challenge Code', '1984 Baseball Rookies', '1984 Autographs' and 'Legacy of Baseball Autographed' cards.

2019 Topps Baseball Silver Pack 

1984 Chrome Promo Cards Series 2
Base Set
#T84-1 Clayton Kershaw         #T84-23 Cody Bellinger

150 Years of Baseball

Greatest Moments
#GM-16 Sandy Koufax

Greatest Seasons
#GS-13 Duke Snider

Greatest Players
#GP-10 Sandy Koufax

#GP-27 Pee Wee Reese     #GP-28 Gil Hodges

Home Run Challenge Code Set

#HRC-32 Cody Bellinger

1984 Topps Baseball Rookies & All-Stars

#84R-DS Dennis Santana

1984 Autographs

#84A-CT Chris Taylor

1984 Rookie Autographs

#84RA-DS Dennis Santana

Legacy of Baseball Autographs

#LBA-DSA Dennis Santana

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