Friday, September 13, 2019

Blog Kiosk: 9/13/2019 - Dodgers Links - Happy Friday the 13th!

Here's a clubhouse celebration featuring Duke Snider and Sandy Amoros after they helped defeat the Pittsburgh Pirates to win the National League Pennant on the last day of the season (boxscore), September 30, 1956. Per the description on the reverse of the photo above (eBay link):
HOMER HEROES. Brooklyn, N.Y.: Duke Snider (left) and Sandy Amoros embrace in the Dodger dressing room here Sept. 30, after each crashed two mighty homers to lead Brooklyn to its 10th National League Pennant, with an 8-6 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The Duke also made a spectacular leaping, back-hand stab against the centerfield barrier to rob Bucs' Bob Skinner of an extra-base hit and choke off a seventh-inning Pirate rally.
Below are more links to check out:
Per Ron Cervenka at Think Blue LA -- "Hill Likely Done for Season."
“I felt really good the first two hitters,” said Hill after the game. “After the last curveball to the second hitter there, I kind of felt my knee grab. I tried to, stupidly, pitch through it.
“I worked hard to get back. I felt great, felt the ball coming out really, really well for the first two hitters. It was short-lived,” he added.
“We hadn’t had any signs of that leading up to this outing,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts told reporters after his team’s 4-2 win over Baltimore. “You could see some time after that second hitter, it just started to go down as far as velocity, command. You could see him compensating a little bit, so we had to get him out.”
KG: He goes through his first fall as a pro and then the Midwest League opens up the next year and the performance wasn’t great. I know there were some under the radar things to point to, but overall the scout feedback was very mixed on both the bat and the glove. Was there at any point any concern?
BG: I think from the guys who really believed in Gavin, we never really had a concern about his ability or talent level or where he was. It was more of a concern of just how he was handling this initial bump in the road or this initial failure. I think the Midwest League early on for any hitter is brutal. And then you put someone who has that Wisconsin background playing in front of friends and family it’s not quite the start (he wanted). There was some contact and the quality of contact that was actually better than the surface numbers, but as a young kid just trying to survive, he doesn’t know that. So from the guys who really believed in him, I don’t think there was concern he wasn’t what we thought he was at any point. It was just 'How is he handling this bump? How are we going to get him through it?' Just to make sure he wasn’t letting those initial struggles impact him.

“They have complete buy-in from their players, so when you pinch-hit for somebody, it’s a team move,” Hyde said. “Guys have bought into that. I think that there’s a lot of value to that, and it’s all about your roster and what you have on your roster, and they have an equal amount of right- and left-handers that do a lot of damage, so [manager Dave Roberts] utilizes it. If you have that type of roster, I think it’s great. But a lot of teams don’t.”

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