Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Dodgers Correspondence: How a Dodger VP Responded to a Fan Rant

As you know, fans are the worst. We are a demanding bunch of miscreants, often insisting that we know more than any of those idiots in the front office. Heck, if you'd only listen to me the Dodgers would be perennial World Series champions. Instead, we are left to wallow in mediocrity and failure -- always playing second fiddle to this team or that team.


This is what we, as die-hard fans, all believe... And there's nothing wrong with that. That said, sometimes a little dose of reality is important to keep our heads on our shoulders.

Featured here is a letter written by Dodgers Vice President Fresco Thompson, dated August 19, 1964, to a fan named Frank D'Esposito of Orlando, FL (eBay Auction Link). Unfortunately, we do not know what D'Esposito had written to illicit a response from Thompson, but I think it's fair to assume he was critical of the lack of trades to improve the team that season (much like the complaints we hear today). In the Thompson letter he explains to the Dodger-fanatic that making trades is not an easy endeavor. In fact, it often results in deficiencies elsewhere. Below is an excerpt of Fresco's words:

It is quite true that we do not make a general practice of making trades promiscuously. We have on occasion made trades that were helpful, such as the Maglie deal, the Moon deal, and the Perranoski deal. Other deals such as the one for Daryl Spencer and pitcher Turk Farrell did not work out well for us. 
In order to make a helpful trade, you must give up proficient Major League ball players. At this particular time, we do not have an excess of ball players to trade. We have weakness at third base, rightfield, and possibly second base, but if we were to trade a leftfielders or a pitcher to fill one of these spots, we would merely create another weakness. It makes no difference whether the hole is in the left side or the right side of the boat, it will still sink.
And then Fresco Thompson throws some shade:
I believe that our record over the past fifteen years justifies whatever practices we have followed.
At this time the Dodgers were the cream of the National League field. Over the past 20 seasons (both in Brooklyn and Los Angeles) the Dodgers had won eight pennants and two World Championships. Heck, they won the World Series just the year before, so Mr. D'Esposito's concerns seem unwarranted.

Of course, we know none of that matters. After all, the Dodgers of today have won seven consecutive division titles, yet we continue to hear the load roars of the naysayers who claim that this club and its puppeteers are losers.... This, obviously is far from the truth.

The Dodgers are one of the best run organizations in the game (much like how they were in the 50's and 60's), and the lack of a crown does not mean drastic changes are needed. Instead, staying the course is the best option due to their, "record over the past fifteen years (that) justifies whatever practices (they) have followed."

BTW, I love the use of the term 'promiscuously' by Fresco. It's like he's comparing the incessant need to make trades to that of some vagabond scarlet.

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