Thursday, October 31, 2019

Blog Kiosk: 10/31/2019 - Dodgers Links - Happy Halloween and Congrats Nats!

I would like to extend a big Blue Heaven congratulations to the Nationals for their World Series Championship. Out of curiosity, if Kershaw is a choker then what is Verlander? He's 0-6 in World Series games. I must confess that there's a little bit of joy in knowing that Bryce Harper will not be celebrating with that team. BTW, the Dodgers were the only team to win a postseason home game against the Nationals during these playoffs. I can't believe Fernando Rodney finally won a championship. Lastly, a congrats to former Dodgers Brian Dozier, Howie Kendrick, Javy Guerra and Dan Hudson on their new rings.

Photo above via Nationals on twitter. Below are more links to check out:

“Ron was a wonderful friend and teammate,” said former Dodger outfielder Al Ferrara. “He was quiet and unassuming, but he did just as much as any other Dodger during those years they were contending for the World Series. The thing I’ll most remember about Ron is every Christmas, he would try to call every player he had played with to wish them happy holidays. I told him, ‘You played for 20 years, you’ll never get around to everyone.’ But he always tried, and it was a thrill when I received my phone call.”

The Washington Evening Star called it “the coldest reception ever given a Chief Executive at an opening ball game,” and one Truman probably saw coming: The game was the president’s first public event after he removed Douglas MacArthur as commander of United Nations forces in Korea and took place one day after MacArthur had given his “old soldiers never die; they just fade away” speech in front of a joint session of Congress. Truman’s removal of MacArthur was massively unpopular, with Sen. Robert A. Taft calling for immediate impeachment hearings and Truman’s approval rating falling to just 23 percent in the middle of the year, lower than Richard Nixon’s approval rating during Watergate.

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