Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Check out this Vintage Brooklyn Dodgers License Plate

Here's something new to me.

Featured is a vintage license plate topper that advertises Brooklyn as a future vacation spot. It includes a fantastic graphic of a loudmouthed umpire, the Brooklyn bridge, a batter and a palm tree (I think) with "Coney Island" written across it. "Dodgers" is also written in cursive, in the middle of the drawing.

BTW, it might be that the tree seen in the graphic is in reference to book -- 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.'  For those who don't know, this was a 1943 book by Betty Smith that uses a tree as a metaphor for the ability to thrive in an difficult environment.
There's a tree that grows in Brooklyn. Some people call it the Tree of Heaven. No matter where its seed falls, it makes a tree which struggles to reach the sky. It grows in boarded up lots and out of neglected rubbish heaps. It grows up out of cellar gratings. It is the only tree that grows out of cement. It grows lushly...survives without sun, water, and seemingly earth. It would be considered beautiful except that there are too many of it.
— A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Introduction
Unfortunately, the license plate is undated, but is clearly pre-1958 (the year the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles). It also measures 10" x 4 3/4".

This piece recently sold on eBay (auction link) for a hefty sum -- $177.50 -- so the marketplace recognized its scarcity right away.

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