Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rain Delay Musical Break

For your listening pleasure during this evenings rain delay I bring you a live concert brought to you by the Grateful Dead, Friday, June 2, 1995. This was the last show I had the pleasure and honor to see with Jerry Garcia at lead guitar. Frankly, this was the best show I had ever seen. I remember dancing in the grass section as they played "Standing on the Moon." Jerry was singing this tune with such passion I nearly had tears flowing down my face. What had me locked in was the phrase "I'd rather be here with you." I had this sudden sense that he was thanking us- all of us- for being there for him. I was thankful for that evening and I had a sense that the band was thankful to all of us. As you may know Jerry died several months later.

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BTW, the best online archive of live concerts can be found at Check it out. There are hundreds of Grateful Dead concerts, as well as, many other bands.

Update: I was checking out some of the comments from fans about this show and this one really stuck out and reflects my feelings at the time.
"There was a weird energy...and it was contemplative to say the least. This show wasn't as much of a rocker as a soul-searcher. You gotta hear it as a story instead of a party.... and during this amazing standing on the moon....Jerry closed his eyes through the entire song, never opening them from my point of view. He seemed to almost wince in pain singing this song and i know i saw an occasional tear from the corner of Jerry's eyes. He really felt this was plain in his face, for all to read. He was carrying his ol' burden at this show...u could tell, and it was a deep trip. He let us out alive...but it wasn't long for him afterward. When hearing it now, i detect the if Jerry was saying "Yeah, you may hate this, but I know u rider....gonna miss me when i'm gone............." This show was a slice of what made the dead experience, and so often, that was not a smoking or perfect set-- It was life....full of the ups and downs that make us human. This show was equal to the 'real' Dead experience....a mountain of emotion....and not all can be pretty. Indeed, at this show, some got raw."

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